Activate Now!

My mission is to inspire and assist people to embrace their fullest potential and to do the work to manifest it. This is done through education, mentorship and positive support.  

My goal is to transform your thoughts and habits to better serve the best you that you were created to be! Within a few weeks, I aim to prepare you to succeed in life ...unapologetically!

My clients are from various backgrounds, and are at different places and stages in life. Some are unsatisfied (stuck). Others feel separated from God (lost). Others are ready to step into holy matrimony (engaged). And others are in position to take-off and soar (ready)

How may I serve you?


I'm Stuck!

Are you challenged in identifying your purpose? Do you lack a clear vision of your future? 

I un-stick the "stuck!"

I'm Lost!

Have you lost your way Spiritually? 



I reconnect the "disconnected!"

I'm Engaged!

Are you preparing to walk down the aisle? Do you want to be set-up for a thriving , healthy marriage?

I prepare the "intended!"


I'm Ready!

Could you benefit from having a coach assist you in manifesting your dream/passion?


I push the "purposed!"

one-to-one coaching

Classes | workshops | webinars

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midwife your life

This 2-hour online class targets individuals that are ready to push the "GO' button on their passion.


Attendees will:

-Clearly name and frame your goal

-Identify and order your next steps

-Learn team-building strategies

-Develop self-motivation skills

-Break out of your comfort zone

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Professional Female

lead-HER-ship activation

101 - Foundational Leadership

201 - Advanced Leadership


This two-part course teaches skills needed for next-level leadership. Develop yourself into the next best asset for any organization, including your own! 


Coming Soon

This 2-day workshop will ignite your organization's team, resulting in greater harmony and productivity. Teams will:

-Make the vision their own

-Leverage diversity

-Build trust

-Learn the art of communication

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team synergy activation